Sandra Gevaert

Sandra Gevaert




"That our event is only the beginning of a wonderful movement of change"

Why do you participate?

Because I truly believe that we can make a difference if we act upon our intentions and beliefs and if we do it together. The idea and philosophy behind One Million Snowflakes immediately resonated with me. If we come together and create snowballs of change we can change the world for the better. And it all starts with children and education. Our way of working in One Million Snowflakes inspires me to get the best out of me in service of our common goal and gives me joy and satisfaction. Thank you Petrosjan and all the other snowflakes!

What kind of value do you bring in?

I will share my knowledge and experience of hosting transformation processes and dialogue. In particular the power of relationships in which people can grow and develop them selves to become better inhabitants of our planet. I want to make the ‘One Million Snowflakes’ event an extraordinary experience for all those professionals with a heart that want to create a better world too.

What is your One Million Snowflakes dream?

That our event is only the beginning of a wonderful movement of change, where people connect and find each other in their dreams and together create the world they believe in!



Snowflakes die onze 'sneeuwbal' (hebben) laten rollen